New website

I hand-coded my first website in 1996 or 1997 on Geocities, titled "Diary of a 4-Track Mind." Remember Geocities? Who knew then that the animated gif would still be a thing today? Now I'm testing out Squarespace as a way to finally bring my website into the modern era. 

I got my first domain in 1999 or so, and I've subsisted on the plain-old hand-coded HTML or a combo of various low-key WYSIWIG editors and coding. I've been meaning to redo my website since what I'll call the First Great Cataclysm of 2005, when I took down pretty much everything I had done up to date. I've kept to a minimalist aesthetic with a single image and a bunch of text underneath ever since. I didn't want to look overly slick. Why? Hmm...why...that's a post for another day. 

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