I'm a Boy EP is out today!

We recorded the EP in November and December 2016 at Bonehead Studios in Cheshire with Tom Boudreau engineering. We recorded basic tracks in a couple of hours, then the band left and I re-recorded some guitar parts. Another day I came in and did lead vocals and more guitars. Julie and Eric did an evening of backing vocals without me. That night I was in a car accident--I was rear-ended on my way to the session, but luckily I was not hurt and also lucky that Julie and Eric soldiered on even though I wasn't there. 

We mixed at Bonehead all together on a Saturday in January and I later came back in to make a couple of tweaks. In February, Jim Chapdelaine mastered it, and here we are. Big thanks to my band--Julie Beman, Eric Bloomquist, and Peter Riccio for everything they do to keep the hoping machine running.

It was my friend Chris Durante's idea for me to cover "I'm a Boy" with Jargon Society. It sure took me long enough, but this is the right band to pull it off. Rather than wait to have a full album of originals I wanted to record, we decided to release an EP in the same vein as "Sunny Side Down" with a more live, garage-rock feel centered around the cover.

The four originals are from the last year or two of playing live. I think the oldest of them is "Nothing to It" and the newest is "Boylesque." "Nothing to It" was written the morning of one of the Big Little Sunday Shows at Cafe Nine that I hosted. "Something" was written in late November of 2015 on tenor banjo, but it reached its true potential on guitar shortly thereafter. "M.K." was written while I was bedridden one weekend last April in the throes of a horrible fibromyalgia episode. Writing in bed with a guitar is pretty fun, actually, considering. "Boylesque" was from sometime after that in 2016. I was teaching myself various E chord inversions on the guitar neck, and it developed from there. I wrote part of the lyrics while driving on Route 8 and singing into my phone.  


New website

I hand-coded my first website in 1996 or 1997 on Geocities, titled "Diary of a 4-Track Mind." Remember Geocities? Who knew then that the animated gif would still be a thing today? Now I'm testing out Squarespace as a way to finally bring my website into the modern era. 

I got my first domain in 1999 or so, and I've subsisted on the plain-old hand-coded HTML or a combo of various low-key WYSIWIG editors and coding. I've been meaning to redo my website since what I'll call the First Great Cataclysm of 2005, when I took down pretty much everything I had done up to date. I've kept to a minimalist aesthetic with a single image and a bunch of text underneath ever since. I didn't want to look overly slick. Why? Hmm...why...that's a post for another day. 

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